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Coorg Sightseeing Places

Cheluvara waterfalls

At a distance of 43 Kms from Madikeri, 23 Kms from Virajpet & 13 Kms from Kakkabe, Chelavara Falls is a beautiful waterfall dropping from a height of about 150 feet. The waterfall is about 3 kms from Cheyyandane on Virajpet – Talacauvery road.

The water fall is really a wonder full view as the water gushes from the top amidst the green coffee plantation. chelavara waterfalls

The water drops into a big pool and it is the best place to play in the waters. The falls offer wonderful views in rainy season.

Monsoon is the best season to visit the falls     Book Hire 

Abbey waterfalls

At a distance of 8 km from Madikeri Bus Station, Abbey Falls or Abbi Falls is a wonderful waterfall situated amidst the mountains of Western Ghats in Coorg. This falls is one of the best places to visit in Coorg and it is also one of the most visited waterfalls in Karnataka. It is one of the places most commonly represented for Coorg Tourism.

Abbey Falls is situated in the middle of a private coffee plantations and spice estates. Numerous small streams and abundant rainfall combine to form the Abbey waterfalls. It is one of the best waterfalls in Coorg region. This waterfall flows to unite with the River Cauvery. Abbey Falls cascades down the rocky slopes from a height of 70 feet in to a pool. A hanging bridge has been built across the gorge here, from where the visitors can get a beautiful view of the falls. The sound of the waterfalls can be heard from the main road during the rainy season. A Kali Mata temple on the other side of the bridge is also not to be missed. The path leading to the waterfalls is filled with thick vegetation and offers wonderful experience.

The best time to visit will be during the monsoon when the waterfalls in full gush and also during the beginning of winter. Cars can reach the entrance of the falls from where a 10 minutes’ walk through coffee plantations takes one to the waterfalls. It’s not possible to get into the water here and any attempt is also dangerous. September to January is the best season.

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM.

Iruppu waterfalls

At a distance of 248 km from Bangalore, 110 km from Mysore, 75 km from Madikeri, 48 km from Virajpet, 32 km from Gonikoppal, 20 km from Nagarhole National Park, 10 km from Kutta & 10 km from Srimangala, Iruppu Falls is a magnificent waterfalls situated in Brahmagiri Hills between Srimangala & Kutta in Coorg district of Karnataka State, bordering the Wayanad district of Kerala. It is one of the best waterfalls in Karnataka and also one of the well known Karnataka tourist places.

The Irupu Falls or Iruppu Falls are also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls locally. It is formed by Lakshmana Teertha, a stream originated in Brahmagiri Peaks and joins Kaveri River. According to the legend, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana passed along the Brahmagiri range in search of Sita. When lord Rama asked his brother to get some drinking water, Lakshmana shot an arrow at the Brahmagiri hills and brought into being the river Lakshmana Tirtha.

Dropping from a height of 170 feet through several stages, the falls are situated amidst thick forest of western Ghats and offers great views of the nature. The roaring waters of the Irupu falls and the picturesque surroundings make it a favorite picnic spot. It is an unforgettable experience to stand at bottom of the cascades and play in the sizzling waters of the falls. Iruppu Falls is a part of the Brahmagiri forest range, there is a trek route that leads to the Narimale forest camp and then on to Brahmagiri peak. Permission from forest department is needed for doing this trek.

Mallalli waterfalls

The road connecting Mysore and Kushalnagar: It’s a 3 kms uphill walk in the woods that involves rock climbing in the last lap. The Mallali falls is possibly the most exciting part of river Kumaradhara’s journey. The trek through the woods, though a bit tiring for the uninitiated, is worth.

At a distance of 45 Kms from Madikeri & 28 Kms from Somvarpet, Mallali Falls is a magnificent falls in the foothills of Pushpagiri hills. It is a famous waterfall in Kodagu with a height of 120 feet. It is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Karnataka.

Formed by Kumaradhara River, Mallali falls is about 7 kms from Bidahalli junction (which is on the way to Pushpagiri). There is motorable road for 4 Kms from and the remaining 3 Kms needs to be trekked down through thick forest. The falls are breathtakingly beautiful in serene location. It is possible to get into the waters at bottom and play in the pool, but not safe during peak monsoons.

Burude falls siddapura waterfalls

This waterfalls is about 20+kms for Siddapura and 55kms from Sirsi on Siddapur-Kumta road.

The Burude Fall is a superb place to enjoy not only because of exploring the huge water fall but also because of its surrounding natural beauty.

One needs to trek through a small creek to reach the falls in summer. In winter and monsoon it becomes almost impossible to access the valley and falls. Hundreds of people watch the spectacular view of waterfalls from an stage setting. The mist adds to the scene. The other side of the waterfalls will need some serious climbing. The last stretch of the water fall may be heard.

Best time to visit Burude falls in Karwar is winter and early summer.

Kabbe waterfalls

Kabbe falls also known as Balliyatra Falls is near Chelavara in Cheyyandane. This one is recommended more for the adventurous type as it requires you to trek for over an hour and the path is expected to be slippery, hence appropriate gear is recommended if you wish you visit the Kabbe falls. The beauty of this falls can be enjoyed from a distance.

This and many such waterfalls make Coorg such an exciting place to visit and no wonder it is called the Scotland of India. The best time to visit the Kabbe falls is during the monsoon when there is an impressive swell of water during this time. Watching these falls from far is also an option – you can just relax and listen to the sound of water, or take a dip if you so choose.

Baganamane falls

Baganamane falls is a fresh water cascade, which is located in Coorg district of Karnataka.

The water fall is really a wonder full view as the water gushes from the top amidst the green coffee plantation.

chelavara waterfalls The water drops into a big pool and it is the best place to play in the waters. The falls offer wonderful views in rainy season. Monsoon is the best season to visit the falls.

Devarakolli waterfalls

As you drive on the winding roads in the Western Ghats from Madikeri to Mangalore, at approximately 15 Kms from Madikeri, a waterfall attracts your attention and you are sure to stop to admire the Devarakolli Waterfall. It is an annual waterfall fed by rains. the waterfall derives its name from the village Devarakolli. The waterfall seemed to have height of about 120feet. It has two stage zig-zag plunge followed by a short cascade.

The waterfall is easily accessible along the highway and parking place is available for vehicles.

Garwale waterfalls

Garwale is a Village about 15 km from Madapur, and 35 km from Madikeri. You Can see a Very beautiful Waterfalls on the way of Garwale from Madapur.

Kalyala waterfalls

Kalyala falls is situated in the Coorg district. Koynadu is the place situated in the Mangalore-Mysore state highway just 28km from Sullia and 25km from Madikeri.

Route to Kalyala is like this… Sullia – Aranthodu – Kallagundi – Sampaje checkpost – Koynadu . From Koynadu you have to take right diversion if you are coming from Mangalore side, take left in Koynadu if you are coming from Madikeri side. From there 6 to 7 more km are there to reach the falls. There is one house after reaching 6 or 7 kilometers where you have to park the vehicle and walk forward to the falls, just half kilometers you have to walk that’s all. The trek to the falls is downwards from the road and take no more than ten minutes to reach the falls.

Kuppehole waterfalls

The Kuppehole Falls near Haleri, off the Madikeri-Sunticoppa-Kushalnagar road is in full flow. The roar of the water piercing the eerie silence of the surroundings is bewitching. Muddy water coming down in huge sheets along the woods is a great sight. It joins the Hattihole near Madapur, ultimately flowing into the Harangi resrvoir.

Karike treasure waterfalls

Karike treasure waterfalls is one of viewable and beautiful waterfall in coorg. The best time to visit the Karike treasure waterfalls is during the monsoon when there is an impressive swell of water during this time.