Best Places in Coorg Sightseeing

Sightseeing Places In Coorg, Top Sightseeing Places In Coorg

Top 20 Places in Coorg

1. Thadiyandamol / Kabbe hills

Kakkabe It is a small town 35 km from Madikeri that provides access to the highest peak in Coorg, Tadiyendamol (1750 m). The trek passes through thick rainforest and scenic terrain. On a clear day, Thadiyendamol provides a view of the distant Arabian Sea and the enchanting beauty of the whole of Kodagu.

About 3.5 km from Kakkabe is the village of Yavakapadi. The Naalkunaadu Palace constructed here by the Doddavecraraja in 1792 is a double storey structure with its 12 magnificent pillars and walls adorned with excellent carvings. It served as the hunting lodge of the rulers of Kodagu. The other attraction here is the visit to the settlements of the local Kapala tribe. About 2.5 km from Kakkabe is the famous Padi Igguthappa ibmple dedicated to Igguthappa, the de facto God who gives grain ( iggu is grain in Kodava and thappa means to give). An engraved silver elephant, a gift by Lingaraja lies next to the main idol. Thousands congregate here in March for the Kaliyarchi Festival when the deity is taken in a procession to the top of Mallama Betta and reinstalled in the temple. Festivities also include various ceremonial traditional dances. The date of the harvest festival of Fluthri is also finalized on this occasion here.

Madikeri and its surrounding make for beautiful walking and treks along the Cauvery and other little streams. The most popular treks are to the high peaks of Thadiyandamol and pushpagiri (1712m), to kotebette and to Brahmagiri ranges of south Kodagu where a forest trail leads from iruppu falls to the Brahamagiri (1740m). Book Now


2. Brahmagiri hills

Brahmagiri, is a mountain range in the Western Ghats of south India. It is situated on the border between Kodagu district.

Brahamagiri can be reached by a trek from Mananthavady (29 km east) or from Kutta. From Karnataka side, trek to Brahamagiri from Irupu Falls is 9 km and to Munikal Caves (Pakshipathalam) is 7 km. Trekkers need to seek the permission of Range Forest Officer at Srimangala. Brahamagiri is about 11 km from Tirunelli.

The nearest railway station is at Mysore and the nearest airports are Kozhikode International Airport-120 km, Bengaluru International Airport-290 km, and Kannur International Airport, 58 km.


3. Mandalpatti

Mandalpatti is a viewpoint, which is located at a distance of about 35 km from Madikeri town. Tourists can reach the 600 metres high point through the coffee plantations. Book Now 

4. Pushpagiri

About 36 kilometers (22 mi) from Somwarpet and 1.5 kilometers (0.93 mi) from Kumaralli, it is located amid the jungle. Trekking can be done from the base, Bhagati, which is a 10 km, three-hour walk.

The Pushpagiri or Subramanya Hills (also referred as Kumaraparvatha) is the second-highest peak of Kodagu, and sixth highest peak in Karnataka.


5. Nalknad palace

Nalknad Palace is located on the foot of Tadiyandamol Hills, which is the highest peak in Madikeri. Built by Dodda Virarajendra in 1792, this palace originally was property of Hindu King Langaraja. This double storied building served as a hunting lodge for the Kodava kings.

With intricate wood carvings, low slung conical roof, crested dome and pillared facade, the palace is an architectural wonder. The courtyard of the palace is decorated with statues of four bulls. The entire palace is decorated with ancient paintings attracting tourists.

Located in Kakkabe, this palace can be accessed by buses, jeeps and cabs from Madikeri and Virajpet, in Coorg.

Timings – Opening & Closing: Monday – Friday: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM , Saturday: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM , Sunday: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM , Public Holidays: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM.


6. Nishani  motte

Nishani Motte is situated in the Brahmagiri range of hills in the stretch between Talacauvery down to Somamale. Tadiyandamol is one of the more popular peaks that is part of this range. Karnataka is India’s largest producer of coffee and Coorg contributes to more than half of this output. Coorg is near Nishani Motte – both are in the Kodagu District of Karnataka.


7. Nagarahole  Forest Safari

The beautiful river Kabini which jinks joyfully through the picturesque region lends it the name Nagarahole, through its serpent-like zigzag. ‘Nagar’ means serpent and ‘hole’ means river. In the olden days it was the hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Mysore. This sanctuary which spreads over 572 sq. km falling partly in the Mysore district and located at an altitude of 780 m above sea level offers shelter to a number of wildlife beings such as the elephants, bisons, panthers, foxes, deers and tigers. A large number of reptiles and fascinating birds can also be seen here. This region also has a plenty of coffee plantations. There are jeeps and minibuses which offer a thrilling browse, ‘Safari’, through the sanctuary. This sanctuary is situated 67 km from Mercara and 91 km from Mysore. Accommodations are available. There are 4 forest lodges at the entrance. ‘Karapur Tented Camp’ is situated about 6 km inside the park and offers both boarding and lodging. For reservations, contact: Forest Officer, Forest Dept. Woodyard, Ashokpuram, Mysore (or) Range Forest Officer, Nagarahole NP Kutta.
Entrance Fee
Indian : Rs.50/-
Foreigner : Rs.150/-
Video Permit : Rs. 200/-
Camera Permit : Rs.15/-

Park & Safari
Timings : 06.00 – 08.00 15.00 – 17.30
Van Safari : Rs.75/- (30 min)
Jeep Safari : Rs. 1750/-(for 6 persons)
Elephant Safari : Rs.50/- (10 min)     Book This Packages


8. Coffee Plantation Visit and Walk

Coorg makes a significant contribution to the coffee output in India. we will take you to a walk into the private  coffee plantation, you can take a photo session of plantation with full  of greenery and shades.

March and April is the time when coffee flowers blossom and its perfume spreads all through the hills. The beans ripe in the end of the year and the beautiful red bunches of berries will be ready to be picked in December-January. Also grown along with coffee are cardamom, pepper and citrus fruits.


9. Mallalli falls

The road connecting Mysore and Kushalnagar: It’s a 3 kms uphill walk in the woods that involves rock climbing in the last lap. The Mallali falls is possibly the most exciting part of river Kumaradhara’s  journey. The trek through the woods, though a bit tiring for the uninitiated, is worth.


10. Chikli Hole

A small reservoir that provides water to local farmers located between Governments reserved forest, 13 kms from Kushalnagar the road which leading to Siddapur town and near to Dubare Elephant Camp. Chiklihole Dam is pleasant place who needs peace and relaxation, it takes about 2 km journey into the forest to get there. A remote place where no stores and no facilities, visitors should take food and snacks if want hang-out there. This reservoir surrounded by green forest which homes to Elephants, do not enter into the forest near the reservoir.

The beautiful surrounding of this water body is a sight to behold. The tranquility of the place is enhanced by the green meadow covering one side of the reservoir and lush green forests covering the other side.

The unique shape of the dam in itself is a great attraction for visitors. The dam has a semi-circular structure without any crest gates. With the increase in inflow, the water overflows like foam on curved structure and offers a breath taking sight to visitors.


11. Harangi Dam

Situated 38 kms from Madikeri, in North Kodagu and 30 kms from Hunsur. This Dam is a beautiful Reservoir, ideal for a weekend holiday.

The Harangi Reservoir is located near Hudgur village, Somwarpet taluk in Kodagu district in the Indian state of Karnataka The reservoir is formed by a masonry dam built across the river Harangi, a tributary of the Kaveri. The dam is located about 9 km away from the heart of Kushalnagar town.

The length of the Harangi from its origin to the confluence with the Kaveri river is 50 km.The Harangi joins the Kaveri near Kudige in Somwarpet taluk.


12. Higgu tappa Temple

Igguthappa is an important deity for the people of Kodagu, The temple, located atop a hill in a forested area in Kakkabe, has been in existence since 1153.


13. Raja’s Tomb

The Raja’s Seat on top of a hill was where the Kodagu royals would view the spectacular sunsets. It offers a panoramic view of the mountain ranges and green valleys. Adjacent to it is the ancient temple of Kundurumotte Chouti Mariyamma. Next is a memorial dedicated to the father of the nation, Mahatama Gandhi.The joy train for the children at the Raja’s Seat is an added attraction. The Raja’s elbmb (Gaddige) to the north of the town is the resting place of Virarajendra and his wife and of Lingarajendra. Although the kings were Hindu, their monuments are Islamic with domes and trelliswork. The windows have handsomely wrought bronze bars set in sculpted stone. However the entrance to each tomb has intricate carvings of Hindu deities.


14. Cheluvara falls

Chelvara Falls is one of the most beautiful water falls in Coorg. Chelavara Falls is also called as Embepare by the locals meaning Tortoise Rock. The water fall is really a wonder full view as the water gushes from the top amidst the green coffee plantation. Tourists visiting Chelavara Falls can also visit Choma Kund hill, which is just 2 km away from the falls. Chelvara Falls is a natural waterfall formed by small stream, a tributary of Kaveri near Cheyyandane village which is on Virajpet – Talakaveri State Highway (SH 90) around 16 km from Virajpet, in the state of Karnataka, India . This falls is on the way to Kabbe Holidays Homestay. The falls is near to Thadiyandamol, the highest point in Kodagu. The falls is visible after walking a few meters in the forest gushes from the place available for parking.

15. Madikeri Fort

originally a mud fort, built during 1812-14 by Lingarajendra 2nd was rebuilt in granite by Tipu sultan, and then the british added a clock tower and portico in 1933. With its stone ramparts, a sculpture of horse mounted on walls of one of its three gateways, the fort standing on a high ground dominates

16. Raja Seat

The Raja’s Tomb (Gaddige) to the north of the town is the resting place of Virarajendra and his wife and of Lingarajendra. Although the kings were Hindu, their monuments are Islamic with domes and trelliswork. The windows have handsomely wrought bronze bars set in sculpted stone. However the entrance to each tomb has intricate carvings of Hindu deities.


17. Abbey Falls

The scenic Abbey or Abbi Falls about 9 km from the town centre tucked away in a coffee estate and tall trees entwined with pepper vines offer a splendid backdrop for picnics. They cascade their way down steps into limpid pools from a height of 21 m to join the river Cauvery. The foggy spray from the stream flowing over a precipice makes a misty cloud over the falls providing a rejuvenating ambience and these are a sight to behold from a vantage point.

18. Valnur

30 km from Madikeri, the Valnur Fishing Camp is a great place for angling for Mahseer and bird watching. Angling is strictly per catch and release philosophy, and you must toss the fish back to the waters of the river. The Coorg Wildlife Society protects the stretch of river and issues fishing license. A short trek from the fishing camp is Doddakalbetta (Big Stone Hill), which is a great place to watch the sunset. Some private operators also arrange for an assortment of treks to some enchanting locale in the valleys of the picturesque Western Ghats.

19. Virajpet

4 km after Hunsur on SH 88, a turn takes one to the small town of Virajpet through Titimati and Gonikoppal. It is reputed to be the largest producer of honey in Asia. The town is also known for several devarakadus (sacred grove) highlighting the close link between its people and the nature. Among the sights worth a visit are the St Anne’s Church having a beautiful 60 m steeple; the century old clock tower; and the tranquil Perambady Lake; the town of Kadanga (7 km). The festivities associated with temples of Bhagavathi and Bhadrakali and the Barana Namme in the village of Kandangala is a big draw for visitors. 17 km to the east of Virajpet, Gonikoppal is the headquarters of the Coorg Adventure Club, run by retired army officers and adventure enthusiasts offering activities like paragliding, windsurfing, para-sailing, and water sports. Book Now 

20. Bhagamandala

39 km from Madikeri this is a temple town at the confluence of three rivers Cauvery, Kannike and the invisible Sujyoti. It is famous as Triveni Sangam. Among the three temples located above the confluence of rivers dedicated to Bhagandeshwara, Vishnu, and Subrahmanya, the Bhagande-shwara Temple is particularly striking. It stands in a large stone courtyard surrounded by Kerala style buildings on all four sides. Pilgrims proceed to Talacauvery only after offering worship at Bhagamandala. It is also known for its apiaries and honey.

21. Talacauvery



22.  Iruppu Falls

About 14 km from Nagarhole the base of the Brahmagiri are Iruppu Falls with water (riginating from river Lakshmana Tirtha) cascding from a height of 52 m.Legend has it the Lakshmana in search  of water for Sita shot an arrow into the hills and thus sprang the river. This river plumments down in two stages, flows northwest to join Rama Tirtha.   Book Packages