Coorg Kodagu


There exist some earlier reference in 2000 old Tamil literature and some inscription dating from nearly the inscription dating from nearly the 8 century about the Kodagu people. the Kodagu kings were known to retain a fair degree of their independence from major powers such as the Cholas and the subsequent dynasties. From 1600 AD onwards , the Llingayats  ruled over Kodagu and established their capital at Madikeri. The district capital was earlier known as Muddurajakeri, after Mudduraja, a king of Haleri dynasty who ruled Kodagu became a part of the Karnataka state in 1956. The Kodagu people, Kodavas, are known for their distinguish material character  and tradition and identified by their stately bearing and striking dress Kodavas make incredibly warm hosts and the region has a highly distinctive cuisine. The numerous home stays set in their beautiful coffee estates with modern facilities are renowned to provide for generous hospitality.

The capital town Nladikeri (1170 m) is an enchanting small place in a green mountainous expanse drained by the river Cauvery. which itself has an origin in this land. Bamboo, sandalwood and rosewood forests with murmuring streams and rivulets set this area apart from the rest of Karnataka. Because of its unique cco system, this region is recognized as one of the 38 richestsites of bio diversity in the world.

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